Spring Cheesecake Celebration

Celebrate Spring with tasty Cheesecakes


Spring time is cheesecake time. Cheesecake can be manufactured 

in many flavors and can be broadly categorized into two groups:

1. baked & 2. unbaked. There is a wide range of flavours and types regarding cheesecakes.


Almost every country and region in the world has it´s own unique recipes. There is New York-style cheesecake, German-style cheesecake, French-style cheesecakes, Belgian-style cheesecake

and even Asian-style cheesecake.


But also if it comes to families and family tradtions there seems to

be a infinite diversity of cheesecake recipes (such as cheesecake with strawberries, pumpkins, limes...).


Making cheese cake is fun and almost everybody likes it. So get ready to have your personal cheesecake baking experience.


We found this yummy collection of "35 Best Cheesecake Recipes"


Additionally there is a wonderful New-York Cheesecake recipe by Stephanie Jaworski:  



Nice Cheesecake-Places in Berlin!


Berlin as capital offers some of the best spots and sweets for coffee & cake Indulgence. The following List gives an overview of delicious cheesecake-spots in Berlin:



Some of them are also part of our tasty "Coffee & Cake Tour"