15 things to do in Berlin in spring

#1 Let the spring flowers cheer you up


Discover the amazing spring trail through the Botanic Garden. There is nowhere better to experience the awakening spring. By following the spring trail, you will discover the plants of the Botanic Garden. Let the spring flowers cheer you up after the long winter! Link


#2 Indulge in the first Ice Cream


„Eis is to Berlin’s spring/summer what gloom and doom is to its winter: a must-have.“ Some of the best Ice Cream Places in Berlin: Link  & Link

#3 Visit Berlin´s Bears


The Bear symbolizes the city and has been on Berlin's coat of arms since 1280: LinkLink


#4 Explore Berlin from the water


Berlin is a city on the water and has five times as many bridges as Venice, with more than 180 km of navigable waterways, which can be perfectly explored by joining one of the city's many boat companies. Video


#5 Plan a Spring Picnic


Berlin´s spacious parks have plenty of room not only for joggers and strollers, but also for picnic lovers. Some places even offer a picnic basket service. Some nice Picnic Places in Berlin: Link




#6 Mix a Hugo


“Hugo” is a refreshing processo cocktail, thus a perfect spring and summer drink. “Hugo” can be served alone or as an appetizer for a light spring menu: Recipe




#7 Welcome May @ MyFest


Celebrate May Day @ the MyFest, an open air city festival in the streets of Kreuzberg. As the first of May is a working holiday in Germany, everyone is on the streets, enjoying music, good food and celebrating with friends: Link



#8 Get out & watch a film


Cinema under the sky is a highlight of the spring and summer season. There are a lot of open air cinemas all around Berlin, which guarantee cozy movie nights: Link




#9 Dress up for the Carnival of Cultures


Berlin is a city with a large international population. With the concept of a carnival which focussed on the cultural richness of Berlin, the Carnival of Cultures was the concept that was a success from the start: Link


#10 Enjoy the Kollwitzplatz Market


This popular weekly farmers market at Prenzlauer Berg’s Kollwitzplatz is a convening place for all things luscious. Get there early!!! Link



#11 Climb the Kreuzberg


The Kreuzberg in the Viktoriapark is a hill in Kreuzberg, which rises about 66 m (217 ft) and is therefore Berlin´s central highest peak.The Kreuzberg is covered by two small vineyards and even offers some nice waterfalls. From the hilltop you have a great view over the city: Link


#12 Enlight yourself


Open Air Gas Lantern Museum. About 90 historical gas lanterns from 12 European countries line paths through the Tiergarten. Wait till dusk! Link




#13 Dance on the Rooftop


The Weekend rooftop terrace is truly glorious. The club’s dance floor is situated on the 13th floor at Alexander-

platz and the view is breathtaking: Link




#14 Celebrate Sundown


"All you need for a little bit of medi­ter­ranean flair is warm weather, the sun being vis­ible on the hori­zon and a cold drink in your hand." Link





#15 Rent a Bike


An extensive network of bicycle facilities has been built up during recent years in Berlin: Link