NEW: Berlin Moabit Food Tour

Discover the top "up-and-coming" neighborhood of Berlin 


We are very excited and happy to announce today a new

Food Tour Baby in Our Family. The "Moabit Food Tour"

which will start very soon :-)) Moabit is one of the city’s

most central neighborhoods, but still a hidden gem.

Moabit is for sure a candidate for most up-and-coming

neighborhood in the city! 


Moabit's borders are defined by three watercourses:

the Spree, the Westhafen Canal and the Berlin-Spandau

Navigation Canal. With its beautiful parks, old housing and

romantic industrial areas, life has traditionally been relaxed

and a bit slower here. Reasonable housing costs and

proximity to city center are attracting more young Berliners

and international visitors.


What is the Berlin Moabit Food Tour?


This tour is a great opportunity for everyone to explore

the old and the new Berlin Moabit  in a culinary way and 

off the tourist track. Learn about german food craftsmanship,

indulge in a rich variety of foods and experience the unique

history of Berlin Moabit. Link