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Berlins food scene is vibrant, diverse and innovative. The German capital offers a wide range of culinary spectra. Berlin has become a melting pot of cultures and culinary indulgence, a place where East meets West and where traditional recipes fuse with modern flavors. Embark on a culinary tour through Berlin’s many evolving districts & expect to sample a rich tapestry of flavors and ingredients.


Berlin Food Tour is for everybody who want to discover not only Berlin but also the Berlin way of life, and indulge in some of the most exciting eating spots. In Berlin the word neighborhood still means something. The word “Kiez” is used by Berliners to describe the neighbourhood where they live and feel at home. As a city within a city, each district has developed its own charm and atmosphere.


Berlin Food Tour presents some of the best food spots in Berlin’s most vibrant neighbourhoods. As we move from one stop to the next, our tour guides reveal Berlin´s unique stories and let customers experience Berlin in an entertaining and culinary way. 




Bastian Schwithal



Tel: +49 1735286415 



Bastian is tour host and founder of Berlin Food Tour. His time of world travel, passion for fascinating food spots as well as his corporate background in the event & media industry enables him to showcase all that makes Berlin such an amazing and lively city. Bastian is always busy with spotting new dainty dishes and hidden food jewels in Berlin-City.